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Same Old Story – Consume More

At some point one would think that the captains of capitalism would recognize that their failing model which requires ever more consumers to shore it up must change.  Apparently not however.  Year in year out and with each passing month there are multiple reports, efforts, and initiatives launched, aimed at ensuring that even the least quarters of humanity step up to the plate and either become consumers or if already a consumer – told to consume even more!

The most recent conventional philosophy of consumerism is that consumption has a social justice aspect.  Economic inequality means that the poorer folks are not contributing enough to the economy due to their low consumption,  “Widening inequality hurts the economy because low wages mean less of the consumption that drives business growth and creates jobs.”

Mommy’s Girl Strikes Again

The charm10GREGIORE_126ed life of the well connected – Courtney and Scott.

How un-revolutionary, the political patronage demon raises its ugly head, again!  It wasn’t but five plus months ago that this girl was appointed to the Seattle Community Colleges’ Board of Trustees by her mother the lameduck guv Christine Gregoire.   It was shocking bad form then, a clear case of nepotism, but this is just as bad if not worse.  Courtney hasn’t even had the time to learn the territory that goes with her other patronage job, and here she is claiming one that is even more complex and requires far more business acumen and experiential heft than the other one, Port Commissioner. Continue reading