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Same Old Story – Consume More

At some point one would think that the captains of capitalism would recognize that their failing model which requires ever more consumers to shore it up must change.  Apparently not however.  Year in year out and with each passing month there are multiple reports, efforts, and initiatives launched, aimed at ensuring that even the least quarters of humanity step up to the plate and either become consumers or if already a consumer – told to consume even more!

The most recent conventional philosophy of consumerism is that consumption has a social justice aspect.  Economic inequality means that the poorer folks are not contributing enough to the economy due to their low consumption,  “Widening inequality hurts the economy because low wages mean less of the consumption that drives business growth and creates jobs.”

Free Market Solution – Quick Medical Help and Care

Everyone wants a monopoly for their business.  Doctors are no exception.  They are in business – either for themselves or for a company that employs them.  

Overtones of the social compact between medicine and the public still linger however, the idea that there is an exceptional relationship between the person who has the ability to save a life and those who might need them. 

Over time that relationship has been broken down though.  We have now learned that there are limits to the relationship, the aura that all they do is is intended to serve our best interests has been severely undermined – turns out that doctors do not know everything, that they can and do harm to others, and that they very clearly have a bottom line – it is about the money.  

Hence, their “concern about the wellbeing of children” in this instance, the introduction of compact medical clinics within drugstores, should easily be dismissed for what it is – an attempt to keep the monopoly going in favor of their preferred business models, clinics and offices operated by doctors or by they and  their partners.

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Descriptive Video Exchange – From Your Eyes and Mouth to Their Ears

LionKingCoverRevolutionizing Video

I had never heard of this problem before, but upon reflection it makes sense.  There is a growing and unmet need to expand the accessibility capacities of video in such a way that those with a visual impairment will be able to have freer and more informed access to the visual mediums and repositories that are proliferating in our lives.  This includes not just movies and tv, but portals to video such as that residing on YouTube and Facebook for example. Continue reading