Mommy’s Girl Strikes Again

The charm10GREGIORE_126ed life of the well connected – Courtney and Scott.

How un-revolutionary, the political patronage demon raises its ugly head, again!  It wasn’t but five plus months ago that this girl was appointed to the Seattle Community Colleges’ Board of Trustees by her mother the lameduck guv Christine Gregoire.   It was shocking bad form then, a clear case of nepotism, but this is just as bad if not worse.  Courtney hasn’t even had the time to learn the territory that goes with her other patronage job, and here she is claiming one that is even more complex and requires far more business acumen and experiential heft than the other one, Port Commissioner.

We are all sure that Miz Gregoire is just a lovely girl, but let’s be clear, “lovely” is not part of the job requirements, and being “an attorney” also does not automatically qualify anyone for everything in life; which seems to be about the only claim to qualification that this person has; and even if it is the ever so erudite sounding and totally Seattle suckup moniker of “Microsoft attorney”.To be “fair”, I’ll mention with a straight face that all on her own she just happened to get into Harvard Law School, and Senator Cantwell picked her because of her brilliance, and the Department of Commerce job she got, where our other former governor held reign was because “She is very qualified for the job”.  Being the former guv’s daughter had nothing to do with any of this!

The appointment is shameful, and the people that picked her should be ashamed of their own pandering, both to the cult of youth with its narcissistic sense of exceptionalism and entitlement that the appointment of Gregoire in part represents, and to the cronyism it reeks of.

The appointors are arrogant in the bargain.  Their over the top superlative laden comments after the appointment of  Gregoire, “She brings her mother’s direct, no-nonsense, this-is-what-I-bring-to-the-table style to the waterfront,” and “Courtney brings unparalleled accomplishments and relationships that will advance the Port’s mission to create family-wage jobs by growing trade,” uh, please, who are we kidding here, this is the Emperor Clothes Treatment.  More of the fabled wunderkind commentary that is lavished on every young upstart, “They are so young and prescient!” coupled with let’s tell the public a fairy tale about what we have just done.

This appointment is tantamount to the Port selection panel telling the public “Too bad, we’ll annoit our own if we want no matter how little  in the public’s interests this is”.

Additionally, and most importantly, there is no evidence in Miz Gregoire’s public work record either that sustains the claim that she has unparalleled accomplishments.   She has job hopped the better part of her working life, going from one sweetheart employment deal to the next (they were gained through favoritism) with her never staying long enough in any of the positions she has held to gain an understanding of and a competency with the jobs she grabbed.

Courtney exhibits no sense of professional or social propriety either.   If she had such a thing she wouldn’t have taken the Seattle Community Colleges board position, and now this one as Port commissioner.   It’s one thing to take the little political payoff jobs with Preston Gates et al, with Maria Cantwell and with Gary Locke.  At least while in D.C. for those jobs she was just a worker bee there with a window dressing job and not likely to do much harm (or real good even).  But here in Seattle, now she’s been set up to take positions of influence and authority that impact many people’s lives and livelihoods.  The Port job calls for more than pretentions to and claiming a hereditary right to hold office and the flexing the “Let them eat cake” attitude; was this learned at the knee of an imperious mother?

What a travesty and how counterproductive to the running of the Port – we need qualified people with experience, knowledge, and wisdom, not momma-girls raised to claim what they presume are their dynastic rights to political position.  Her comment too, that as a port commissioner she’s going to work on team building? Yeah, really good, but we’re in the big people’s world now, “group work” was what you did when you were an undergrad.   Superficiality, a reliance on jargon and buzzwords are the hallmarks of a light weight with little to no unparalleled accomplishments.

What are we to expect next? Six months from now, “Courtney Gregoire appointed to another position she is not qualified for, Superior Court judge”?

And as unpopular as this might be, why doesn’t she try staying home and raising her now five month old daughter instead of running all over King County obviously jumping up and down going “I’m ambitious, pick me! Pick Me!”

Many will gasp and say that these sentiments about Gregoire having a maternal obligation to her daughter are so un-PC, but it is a fact of life – if you bring a life into the world you are obligated to use your best efforts to nurture and raise that child, and not by surrogacy or proxy.   It is cheesey to have a kid and then basically abandon them to others for this self aggrandizing lifestyle.  With a hubby likewise ensconced in the upper echelons of privilege and among the local power elite, Courtney Gregoire is far from needing a job either, all of her jobs.

This forsaking the kid to satisfy her own aggressive career agenda can be likened to Miz Gregoire being more a “soap opera mom” than real mom.  The soap opera mom conforms to the well known storyline where the female soap opera character makes a big splash about giving birth and then after that you never see her with that child.  For years after this the mother who supposedly has a child is thereafter cavorting around as if she had no child.

Welcome to the real world soap opera land version, where a petit-titled political tart who cannot indulge themselves in enough patronage positions leaves no opportunity foregone in their quest to slake their cravings for power and privilege – meet Courtney Gregoire!


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